Adhesive requirements for honeycomb paperboard production line

- Feb 20, 2021-

Usually, the adhesive used in the honeycomb paperboard production line, its formula is the same, but this is not reasonable, should be changed according to the change of the environment.

The general honeycomb paperboard production line needs to use the adhesive, its solid content is 16%-19%, but all aspects of the factors will affect the adhesive formula.

Such as wet weather is easy to cause honeycomb cardboard moisture distribution difficulties, resulting in cardboard soft, insufficient strength.

In the production process of honeycomb paperboard production line, if this situation is encountered, the solid content of the adhesive can be increased, which can increase the hardness of the film and prevent the moisture in the glue from excessive infiltration into the honeycomb paperboard.

If it is in the dry winter, the solid content of the adhesive used in the honeycomb cardboard production line should be controlled at about 17%, otherwise it will lead to the diffusion of the adhesive with water, resulting in insufficient cardboard viscosity, and then the problem of weak adhesion.

Note in the production process of honeycomb paperboard equipment (1) the assembled frame should be turned as little as possible before the glue solidification;

(2) regardless of hot pressing or cold pressing, a 5 mm through hole is made around the frame in order to exclude steam and excess air;

(3) Make the blank when the honeycomb paper core has just finished dry operation and tensile forming, and put pressure on the machine within 20 minutes. Otherwise, the strength of honeycomb paper is easily reduced due to the long time of cementing and the increase of moisture content.

(4) when cold pressing, it is necessary to use more than 9 mm, high flatness pad (MDF can be used) to separate the slab to be pressed, otherwise it is easy to make the splicing plate dislocation;

(5) When the MDF on both sides of the honeycomb panel is fully interchanged, the pressure and pressure time should be adjusted in time;

(6) after cold pressing or hot pressing, the plate group shall be displayed.