Basic knowledge of paper protector

- Apr 25, 2018-

1. Paper Protector Application

Paper protector can apply to steel factory, paper making, refractory, household appliances, white wine, drinks, seafood industry, textile, bulk carpet, glass, plywood an so on.

The application of paper protector can ensure that the product is protected from damage in handing, storage and transportation. Experts and scholars and packaging products manufacturers around the world use paper protector as an innovative solution to avoid product damage.

Paper Protector:

① With the protection of the protector, the product can be protected from damage during loading and moving.

② The protector can prevent the cargo from being shaken during handing, play a protective role.

Available in a standard size tray, it can also be customized.

③ The flexible round protector can make the interior and exterior protection easier.

④ It can be used according to the customer's own needs or cut to a specified or longer cut length.

⑤ It can prevent the product from damage during strapping.

2.  Advantages of paper protector

The best protection

Instead of expensive packaging materials

Save cost, time and materials

Our packaging paper cardboard are 100% made of recycled materials.

3. Shape of paper protector

 L profile protector     U profile protector     Paper flat board  

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4. Size of protector

① L profile protector

Side width: 25~100mm Equilateral or unequal

Thickness: ordinary 2.5mm~6mm ,for special requirement, it can be up to 8mm~10mm

Common size (side width*side width* thickness) as follows:

30*30*3,35*35*4,40*40*4,40*40*5,50*50*3,50*50*4,50*50*550*50*6,60*60*3,60*60*4,60*60*5,60*60*6,60*60*7,60*60*8,70*70*3,70*70*4,70*70*5,70*70*6,70*70*7,70*70*8,80*80*3,80*80*4,80*80*5,80*80*5,80*80*7,80*80*8. B and C stand for side width, A is the length of protector.

② U profile protector

Side width: 25~100mm.

Flat width: 150mm, 100mm, 80mm, 60mm, 50mm, 40mm, 30mm, 15mm, the common flat width is 40mm and 30mm. A kind of mold only can produce a flat width of U profile protector.

Thickness: the thickness of most of the protector is 3mm and 4mm. The thickness can be adjusted with the same mold. A kind of mold can produce various thickness of protector. The flat width of protector should be confirmed at first when making an order. Molds can also be made according to customer's special requirements.

A is the length of protector. B is flat width. C is side width.

③ Paper flat board    

Width: 50-200mm. Thickness: 2-7mm

Notice: the size of protector refers to external size of the L profile and U profile protectors, not internal size.