High speed honeycomb board machine

- Dec 02, 2020-

    In the cardboard collection process, adopt manipulator stack the cardboard automatically. The production process of the honeycomb cardboard equipment basically realizes semi-unmanned operation. Cardboard cross-cutting adopts a punching plan, which speeds up the running speed of the production line, and the production speed can reach more than 40m/min.

    The simultaneous unwinding of 8 paper rolls in the present invention refers to the change in the number of paper tapes brought about by changes in the production height of the paper core. In the case of the same width of the paper roll, the balance is adjusted by adjusting the number of paper rolls to ensure the polymerization of the paper strips. Later, the aspect ratio of the section can be within a reasonable range. The constant tension control of the present invention has a set of tension rollers between the paper roll and the gluing process, which can control the conveying of the paper belt with constant tension.

    In the first application of glue, it is necessary to ensure that the upper surface and the lower surface of the paper tape cannot be glued. The two-time gluing of the present invention adopts a transverse gluing method. The gluing roller adopts a convex toothed roller. The power system and the power system of the paired pressure roller are controlled separately. The speed of the two rollers can be adjusted. Get different honeycomb apertures. The round knife roll cutting paper tape of the present invention adopts a continuous roll cutting method, and the speed can be adjusted at will without equipment vibration. Therefore, the line speed of the paper tape can be increased. The adhesive position of the paper tape of the present invention is adjusted by adding two rows of up and down adjustable rollers to press the paper tape down, and change the length of the paper tape from another glue application to the polymerization room of the paper tape to ensure that the paper tape is coated during polymerization. The consistency of the glue position.