Honeycomb cardboard mechanical process is the most critical five

- Feb 05, 2018-

The structure of honeycomb paperboard.

The structure of honeycomb composite board is as shown in the figure below. It is a kind of standard honeycomb sandwich structure. Honeycomb sandwich structure has a prominent compressive and flexural capacity, its most significant characteristic is the least amount of material gain maximum stress, the strength/weight ratio is the largest, which is the root cause of the honeycomb composite favoured.

Second, the manufacture of honeycomb paperboard.

The manufacturing process of honeycomb paperboard can be divided into five parts: surface paper roll, honeycomb paper core stretch shaping, paper core or surface paper coating, paperboard composite forming and paperboard cutting. The manufacture of honeycomb board can be made by manual method or honeycomb paperboard machine. Because the production efficiency of manual method is too low, the quality cannot guarantee, basically cannot meet the production demand of modern industrialization. Therefore, honeycomb paperboard is generally used to complete the production process requirements using honeycomb paperboard machinery.

Three, this production line is composed of six parts: paper feeding unit, the honeycomb paperboard core stretching to finalize the design unit, the honeycomb paperboard core coating unit, the honeycomb cardboard composite unit, cutting unit and production line control unit of honeycomb paperboard.

1. Paper unit

The original paper frame is the starting part of the honeycomb paperboard production line. It is composed of two independent original paper supports. Each bracket can be moved independently to facilitate the paper. The original paper holder is equipped with the gas lift shaft with the brake device to facilitate the quick change of the original paper.

2. Honeycomb paper core stretch forming unit.

The continuous unexpanded honeycomb core is stretched, dried and shaped by stretching and drying machine. The speed of the honeycomb stretch dryer can be adjusted continuously according to the work requirements of the production line.

3. Honeycomb paper core coating unit.

The honeycomb core after the solidification of the honeycomb core is made up of a double-sided glue machine which can be separated from the upper and lower sides of the honeycomb core. The glue on paper core can reduce the amount of glue and ensure the bonding strength of honeycomb paperboard.

4. Honeycomb board composite unit.

As the core of the production line, the composite unit will make honeycomb paperboard with two layers of paper and the honeycomb core. According to the needs of production, this unit can heat the paper surface and honeycomb core to improve the compound speed.

5. Honeycomb board cutting unit.

Because of the irregular Angle of the honeycomb panel and the need for longitudinal cutting of the honeycomb board, the shape of the honeycomb board can be cut by the longitudinal cutting machine and cut into the required size. The length of the formed honeycomb board is cut by a transverse cutting machine according to the set length.

6. Production line control unit.

The working process of automatic honeycomb paperboard production line is controlled by PLC program controller for the whole production process, high degree of automation, safe and reliable, and generally no human intervention is required.