Honeycomb paper core production line is widely used in electronic industry

- Feb 05, 2018-

It is manufactured for aramid honeycomb, and another line is used to produce four aluminum honeycomb production lines. We have an aramid 2 printer line and an aluminum. It is possible for seven blocks and automatic machine plus resources to be shelved in the production peak. Our honeycomb cardboard production by a five piece of press, two open 3 piece of printing machine, a single rf block open pressure, seven impregnating tank, four stable oven, 11 sawing 16 aramid fiber honeycomb curing furnace and two aluminum honeycomb saws.

The automatic composite aluminum honeycomb panel production line of 1600 aluminum honeycomb plate is characterized by the production of aluminum honeycomb panel technology and is dedicated to the development and continuous production of the aluminum honeycomb plate fully automatic special mechanical equipment. Automatically from aluminum honeycomb panel production line honeycomb panel production line and receive automatic automatic drawing, the upper and the lower membrane molecules, feeding device, aluminum wire, heat preheating laminating device the lower part of the feeding device, leveling loading device, the device driver, saw cutting equipment, etc.

Aluminium honeycomb plate automatic production line technical parameters, according to the requirements of customers and custom (through the traditional 800 mm wide plate 1600 mm) 1. The width of cellular plate production line 2. Honeycomb panel production line, the installation of the total power of 120 kw - 150 kw, 80 kw normal use 3. The honeycomb panel production line mixing speed 0.6 m/min to 2.5 m/min (stepless speed regulation) 4. The composite honeycomb panel production line 5. The thickness of 6 mm to 30 mm honeycomb panel production line number six

Automatic honeycomb paper core production line is widely used in electronic industry. Water lattice electric heater, textile machines, laser cutting machine panel network, traffic induction lamp, separator used for lighting, water and gas purification, under the guidance of the carrier of refrigerants for air conditioning, refrigerator and air purification, but also is the screen printing plate, shielding, insulation screen, etc.

Honeycomb plate production line produces one of the highest strength weight ratios of any structural material, and aluminum foil can lead to various configurations of various geometric cell shapes (usually hexagon). Honeycomb plate production line and aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, natural stone panel, to carry on various decorative plates, in different places to apply the flaking side. In addition to the initial use in aerospace.