Honeycomb paper pallet

- Dec 09, 2020-

According to the material classification of the pallet, the pallet can be divided into: wooden, steel, plastic, plywood pallets, etc., China's wooden pallets account for about 90% of the total number of pallets. In this case, on the one hand, many wooden pallets are selected, and most of the wooden pallets for single use, low quality, recycling utilization rate is not high, resulting in the waste of forest resources, china's ecological environment has an impact; Demolition destroyed wooden packaging, and by the exporter to bear the cost, which is China's export goods wooden packaging grade wooden pallets is a great challenge.

Protect forest resources and reduce "white pollution" require the packaging industry to look for a real wood substitute. Develop and use new packaging materials instead of wood packaging materials, reduce the amount of natural wood. Honeycomb board is a new type of packaging material after corrugated cardboard, which has the advantages of cost-effective and environmental protection. The production and application of honeycomb board is carried out from the creation and application of honeycomb skills. As early as the 1940s, the United States, Britain and other developed countries took the lead in the military field research, development, the use of honeycomb structure of information. Most of these materials are made of aluminum alloy or light alloy processing, has the characteristics of high strength and light weight, mainly used in the production of spacecraft and aircraft wings, reducing the weight of the aircraft itself, so that the speed of the aircraft has been greatly improved. After World War II, the production and application of honeycomb mezzanine data was carried out rapidly in developed countries. Netherlands, the United Kingdom, good skills and equipment, product quality and stability, for aerospace, construction, packaging, decoration, furniture, warehousing, transportation and other fields. After 10 years of development and application, honeycomb mezzanine data skills have matured, the field of application has been expanding. Because honeycomb cardboard has a flat pressure strength, honeycomb cardboard can be used for the upper and lower paving board of the pallet, but also can be used as the vertical beam or pad of the pallet, then according to the standard scale of the beam or pad by several layers of thick honeycomb cardboard combined processing. It is precisely because of the presentation of honeycomb paper pallets, about the pallet profession and the entire packaging profession is a milestone.