How does cellular machinery work?

- Feb 05, 2018-

Cellular machinery is the production of honeycomb paperboard products essential equipment, have fast, high efficiency, high production rate, etc, slowly become the best choice for many production enterprises of honeycomb paperboard, some enterprises even equipped with honeycomb cardboard production line, realize the whole work routing operation, improve the economic benefit of enterprise.

Cellular machinery working process can be roughly divided into five parts, respectively is: put the paper part of the cellular machinery, honeycomb paperboard core stretching shape parts, honeycomb paper core glue, honeycomb cardboard composite parts and cutting parts.

The five working processes of honeycomb machinery are interlocked, which greatly saves the time of production, improves the working efficiency and increases the economic benefit of the enterprise.

In addition, honeycomb paperboard produced by honeycomb machinery has absorbed the unique characteristics of "honeycomb structure", and has the characteristics of high strength, light quality and sound insulation. Honeycomb structure is not only used in the packaging of honeycomb paperboard, but also has a wide range of applications in China's aerospace, building materials and other industries.