Normal Question for Edge Protector Production(3)

- Dec 06, 2018-

11. Max. speed 

SANPPL-120A: 20m/min(Normally 0-15m/min) , 30m/min for SANPPL-120DL, 50m/min for 


12. Raw material 

Two kinds of raw material for edge protector:


Applicable inner paper: 360-600g/m2 bobbin fiber paper or corrugated medium paper or testliner. 


1). Paper less than 360gsm can be used. But paper quality should be good. Must have no break during 


2). In China, available paper is Max.600gsm. Paper more than 600gsm can be used.

3). To produce same thickness of protector, need more layers of thinner paper and more glue. Layer quantity 

is more, glue consumption is more. 

Applicable surface paper: 175-250gsm kraft paper 

Note: paper less than 175gsm can be used. But paper quality should be good and no break during production. 


The adhesive is Emulsion PVA(White Emulsion).

The ratio between paper and glue during edge protector production is about 10:1.5. That is 10MT of paper 

need 1.5MT of glue. 

Component for adhesive is as follows, 

Talcum Powder, Corn Starch, PVA, (Poly Vinyl alcohol), Calcium Carbonate and Kaolin.

13. Can we use COB 150 paper? 

COB 150 paper is one kind paper added some adhesive to the raw paper, so the paper will not absorb so 

much water. 

COB 150 paper is better for protector production. Production speed and protector quality will be higher. Glue consumption will be lower.