Paper cutting machine common three kinds of cutting methods

- Feb 05, 2018-

1, trimming, is a step of printing equipment, printing is not used in the us say, A4, B5, such as concept, but a whole piece, according to the different arrangement, segmentation, cutting way to say how much, such as 18, 16 open, etc., which differ according to each image is put, and the difference between big and small open.

Generally in the paper cutting machine, the cutting edge of a variety of materials to form the process edge material, through the process of resection of the process margin, to obtain the products in accordance with the process requirements. This kind of cutting method is mainly used for the processing of composite film and other materials.

2. Cutting: the so-called roll cut is like toilet paper, printing a roll of printing. For example, you printed a large volume of printed matter, but this volume of paper is larger and larger, and this volume of printed matter has multiple finished products on it. But you need a single finished product when you use it. You need to cut it.

The whole volume of rolling material, through the high-speed operation of the round knife, the original coil into a multi-volume narrow specification roll. This kind of cutting mode is used in the adhesive products industry.

3. Partial volume: the large volume diameter material shall be cut into multiple volumes and small volume diameter materials according to the requirements of the length and width of the winding. This kind of cutting method is mainly used in thin film substrate and soft packaging color printing industry.