Slide machine construction

- Feb 05, 2018-

The cylinder shape of rotary vane compressor is round and oval. In the circular cylinder, the spindle of the rotor has a deviation to the center of the cylinder, which makes the rotor close to the suction and vent holes of the inner surface of the cylinder. In the elliptical cylinder, the spindle and elliptical center coincide.

Rotor blade on the cylinder can be divided into several space, when the main shaft drive the rotor rotates, the volume of the space change constantly, refrigerant vapor inside the space on the volume and temperature changes. The rotary vane compressor has no suction valve because the blade can complete the task of inhaling and condensing refrigerants. If there are two blades, the spindle rotates twice a week. The more leaves, the less the compressor's exhaust.

As the third generation of compressor, due to the volume and weight of the rotary vane compressor can do is small, easy to decorate in the tiny engine test chamber, combined with noise and little vibration and high volumetric efficiency, etc. In the car air conditioning system also must be used. But rotary vane compressor has high machining accuracy and high manufacturing cost.