The bearing of honeycomb paperboard equipment

- Jan 13, 2021-

The typical structure of rolling bearing of honeycomb paperboard equipment is composed of outer ring, inner ring, rolling and cage. The bearing of honeycomb paperboard equipment is usually installed on the shaft journal with the inner ring and rotating together with the shaft, while the outer ring is installed in the bearing housing hole of the machine. When the inner ring rotates relative to the outer ring, the rolling elements roll between the inner and outer ring raceways. And transfer the load. The common rolling element shapes are balls, cylindrical rollers, tapered rollers, drum rollers and quill rollers. The role of the cage is to evenly separate the rolling elements. The rolling elements and inner and outer rings of the honeycomb paper core production line are generally made of special ball bearing steel GCr15 with high strength and good wear resistance, with a hardness of 62-65HRC after heat treatment. The working surface must be ground or polished. The cage is mostly stamped from mild steel, but also made of copper alloy or plastic. Rolling bearings have been standardized and mass-produced by specialized factories. With the rapid development of production technology in various industries in our country, domestic drying technology is also developing rapidly, especially the drying equipment in the honeycomb paperboard equipment has developed rapidly. In terms of drying in honeycomb paperboard equipment, in recent years, domestic use of earlier airflow drying in honeycomb paperboard equipment drying technology has achieved rapid development, mainly in the use of fluidization technology combined with the characteristics of various dried materials and Request, created many new and efficient fluidized dryers.

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