The efficiency of paper cutting machine is related to the factors

- Feb 05, 2018-

In the process of production, both human and mechanical operation, good efficiency can not only increase productivity for processing manufacturers, but also save cost. Therefore, when buying the cutting machine, pay attention to its work performance and quality.

However, when it comes to the working efficiency of the cutting machine, many people think of paper cutting machine work efficiency is only related to the speed of the cutting machine, actually otherwise, I think the paper cutting machine working efficiency related to the following factors: cutting speed, yield and the operation takes time, stability, etc. The cutting speed is an important index of the efficiency of the cutting machine, but if the yield is low, it will not only make the whole machine work inefficiently, but also cause the increase of the cost.

Similarly, if the operation takes a long time, such as: machine, the knife, knife, refueling, splicing, change volume, dealing with problems, such as elapsed time is long, simple improvement points the speed of cutter, and it's meaningless. Not to mention the stability of the paper cutting machine, which not only affects the efficiency of the cutting machine, but also affects the quality of the product, which will cause trouble and unnecessary waste in the next process.