The function of honeycomb paperboard

- Dec 22, 2020-

The main purpose of packaging is: maintenance, convenience, sales and value-added, and these realizations are all related to packaging materials and container packaging design, packaging technology and methods. Maintenance is the basic function of packaging.

In the process of circulation, the product may be affected by various external factors, causing product contamination, damage, leakage or transformation, and reducing the product or losing its use value. Scientific and reasonable packaging can make the product resist the destruction of various external elements, thereby ensuring the performance of the product.

The production of honeycomb paperboard equipment is our advantage product. It can produce and fit the packaging materials supplied by the market, and the equipment saves time, does not require manual counting, eliminates complex manual operations, and produces fast under low temperature conditions. The glue is applied at a constant temperature. Glue unit, pneumatic and mechanical lifting combination, quantitatively adjust the activity of the glue, quantitative glue, good quality. Equipped with paper core and facial paper synchronous detection equipment to ensure the consistency of paper core stretch and the synchronization of facial paper bonding. The amount of glue is uniform. Cutting: Servo motor drive, synchronous cutting; high cutting precision. Man-machine operation interface, operation replacement. After being put on the market, customer satisfaction is high, and the praise rate continues to increase.

The honeycomb data produced by the honeycomb device is a light-weight and high-strength structural profile, and now it can be used as an interlayer for various anti-theft doors, which has a sound insulation effect. Its low price has been well received by customers.