The main functions of honeycomb board machine

- Jan 08, 2021-

The main functions of packaging are: maintenance function, convenience function, sales function and value-added function. The realization of these three functions is related to packaging materials and containers, packaging planning, packaging technology and methods. Maintenance function is the basic function of packaging. In the process of circulation, the product may be affected by various external factors, which may cause product pollution, damage, leakage or deterioration, which will reduce the product or lose its use value. Scientific and reasonable packaging can make the product resist the damage of various external factors, thereby ensuring the performance of the product. The honeycomb paperboard equipment is a machine that produces honeycomb paperboard. Both the paper core and the surface paper can be coated with glue, free choice. Equipped with paper core and facial paper synchronization testing equipment to ensure the consistency of paper core stretch and the synchronization of facial paper bonding. Gluing unit, pneumatic and mechanical lifting combination, quantitative adjustment of glue amount, uniform glue application. Cutting unit, servo motor drive, synchronous cutting, high cutting precision. The man-machine operation interface is simple and user-friendly. After being put on the market, customer satisfaction is high, and the praise rate continues to rise. Honeycomb cardboard is popular in the market for its light weight, low price, high strength, and recyclability. Especially in developed countries and regions such as the Netherlands, the United States, and Japan, honeycomb cardboard has become a new type of green packaging that saves resources and maintains the environment. Honeycomb paper products touch all walks of life, mainly in the fields of packaging and construction. Substituting paper for plastic and paper for wood is the general trend, and its prospects and benefits are widely regarded. Honeycomb paperboard has good elasticity, high cushioning performance, and strong shock resistance. Its main feature is to save materials and use less paper to make boards with a thickness of 10mm or more. The honeycomb paperboard equipment is made with a honeycomb structure according to the principle of bionics.