The paper cutting machine consists of what devices

- Feb 05, 2018-

The cutting machine consists of frame, transmission system, feeding mechanism, tension control device, traction component, cutting support, waste collection and discharge device, etc. It is cut raw material points to several independent units, its working principle is fixed on the feeding of raw materials feeding shaft end is equipped with magnetic powder tension controller to constant tension of raw material required, after a pair of rubber roller to traction of raw materials, the blade cut into bars. After the guide roller guide to A, B to collect the reel of the finished product. Its drive is driven by the main motor to drive the rubber roller and the feed shaft synchronous operation to achieve the purpose of hauling materials and finished products.

Paper cutting machine frame and transmission system: the frame is composed of the left and right wall board and the retaining and feeding mechanism. Drive system is mainly used for drawing materials, winding, it is by the frequency conversion stepless speed regulating motor power through motor traction roller operation of V belt, the main rubber roller and the driven traction roller is clingy and synchronous operation traction walking raw material, through active traction roller driven circular knife axis synchronous operation and achieve better cutting requirements, under the C shape paper Angle protector by circular knife axis winding and winding B synchronization operation, so as to achieve the purpose of receiving.

Use of automatic paper cutting machine: this machine is suitable for the longitudinal section of paper, aluminum foil, composite plastic paper, etc.

Features of automatic paper cutting machine:

1. The round knife is cut, and the double-axis cross surface is closed, and the end face is flat.

2. Photoelectric rectifying deviation.

3. The magnetic powder control shall be used for collection and release.

4. Control of main engine imported inverter.