The production process of honeycomb paperboard

- Jan 29, 2021-

The production process management of honeycomb paperboard is very important, which can often affect the pass rate and quality of honeycomb paperboard. Therefore, we must set up inspection procedures on the spot. And arrange inspection personnel to conduct inspections. Patrol inspection is the flow inspection of the product quality of related processes by inspectors at certain time intervals at the production site. Completion inspection refers to the inspection of a batch of processed products, which mainly refers to the products between processes. Finished product inspection is the last inspection before the honeycomb cardboard product reaches the user. Once unqualified products are found in the production process of honeycomb paperboard, timely corrective measures should be taken. Re-design the production process according to the production requirements, and lead the quality to the qualified road. The guarantee of quality is the life of the honeycomb paperboard enterprise. 1. Cutting trolley variable frequency motor gear transmission positioning 2. Cutting motor adopts high-speed motor, cutting cardboard smooth 3. Guide rail adopts linear guide 4. Cutting trolley adopts Mitsubishi servo motor ball screw for back and forth, stable operation and convenient for automatic cardboard stacking 5. Automatic fixed-length measurement, PLC, touch screen control, blanking accuracy ±1.5mm 6. Double knife cutting work at the same time, the distance between the blades can be adjusted, improve production efficiency 7. The blade is driven by a special high-speed motor, with an automatic knife sharpening device