Honeycomb Paperboard Production Line Wet Equipment And Cadre Equipment Configuration.

- Feb 05, 2018-

Wet equipment configuration.

Wet end in the honeycomb cardboard production line equipment is the key to the cellular molding equipment, mainly involves the base paper, glue, steam, and other factors on the quality of the paper molding, and therefore have to deal with the question is the cardboard quality question. The key equipment of the wet part single - sided honeycomb machine should select the technology advanced equipment, positive pressure card box type single plane machine. It is very important to control the numerical display of the gap and control the size of glue.

Cadre equipment allocation

In the cadre equipment, the slitting machine is the equipment that affects the work efficiency, its selection is very important. Slitting machine knife should choose can move, and should consider when the choose and buy Taiwan tile line for cutting knife, wire guide of dustproof, because in practical use, sharpen the dust will fall on the lubrication of guide rail, to form the dao maybe ti in row mobile is difficult, and often stop. The minimum distance between the pressure line wheel should ensure the positioning method of the 50mm knife line and the practical value of the blade precision. Some manufacturers claim to be able to achieve +? Mm but in practice, it will show 1-2mm errors, so it is often checked and inefficient. There are several methods of the line roller, which can be used for the request of the multi-medium voltage line type.