How To Maintain The Paper Cutting Machine In Daily Use?

- Feb 05, 2018-

Paper products cutting machine is mainly applicable to various kinds of paper products cutting, can be cut into various shapes as needed. The voltage of the product is 110V and 220V. If you do not make any notice, it is usually produced according to normal voltage standard 220V.

Parameters: voltage: 220V; Power: 40W; Speed: 1400r/min 1:12.5; Cutting width: 0-80mm; Weight: 16kg; Packing size: 47*26*36cm; Packing list: main engine 1, 6 diameter blade 5, washer, foot switch 1, hexagon wrench 3.

Maintenance of paper cutting machine:

1. Lubricate the hole regularly to lubricate the oil and prevent the rotation axis from wearing out due to lack of normal lubrication.

2. Be safe when using. Don't put your hand on the blade when the machine is turning.

3, need long-term use of good nylon washer, if cutting burr is serious damaged, should immediately stop work, beside the cover open, use special wrench to loosen the nut, loosen the screw, unload oscillating rod.

4. If the user needs the workpiece with special cutting width, we can make special gaskets of various models of our company.

5. The power supply shall be safely grounded to ensure no leakage.