Normal Question For Edge Protector Production(1)

- Nov 09, 2018-

1. Application of edge protector

Edge board can be used in Steel Plants, Paper Industry, Refractories, Home Appliances, Liquor & Beverages,

Seafood Industry, Textiles, Bulk rugs, Glass, Plywood, etc.

Paper protector/ edge protector/ edge board/ corner board/ angle board/ edge board protector / edge

protection board/ paper corner is the right solution to prevent your products from damage during handling, storage and transportation. Product manufacturers and packaging experts worldwide have adopted edge board as an innovative solution to save products from damage. 

Edge board protector and Angle Protection Board

It can protect and support products during all handling operations.

Vertical protection board

It can prevent shifting of the palletized goods and provide protection during all operations.

Protection frame board

Is available for standard size pallets or can be customized.

Wrap round protection board

The flexible wrap round edge board is easy for inside and outside protection.

Side protection board

Edge board can be cut to specified length according to customers demand.

End protection board

Protect the product against strapping damage

Stacking protection board

Complete frame protection

Stacking strength board

The stacking strength can be improved by reinforcing boxes internally with edge board.

Self adhesive board

The use of self adhesive edge board improves handling before final strapping is applied.

2. Advantages of edge board

Optimum protection

Alternative to expensive packaging materials

Saving in cost, time and materials

100% recyclable and environmental friendly material

3. Protector shape

L shape paper edge protector

U shape protector

and Flat Shape protector

4. Protector size:

1) L shape protector

Leg length: 25-120mm. Leg size can be symmetrical and assymetrical.

Thickness: normally 2.5mm to 6mm. For special order can be 8mm and 10mm.

B and C are for leg length. A is for protector length.

2) U shape protector

Leg length: 25-100mm.

Flat portion: 150mm,100mm,80mm,60mm.50mm,40mm,30mm,15mm. The most popular flat sizes are

40mm and 30mm. One mould can produce U protectors with one flat portion size.

Thickness: Most popular thickness is 3mm and 4mm. Thickness can be adjusted by same one mould.

Mould also can be done according to customers’ special requirement.

A is for protector length. B is for flat portion (inside of flat) and C is for leg height.

3) Flat Shape protector

Width: 50-200mm. Thickness: 2-7mm

Note: Protector size is from the outer size of L shape and U shape protector, not inner size.