The Advantage Of The Slide Machine

- Feb 05, 2018-

1. The bearing design of the slide machine is larger, so the life of the bearing is longer, so the life of the machine is also long.

2. The speed of the slide machine is lower, so the energy consumption is lower, so its operating cost is low; The speed of the screw machine is high (the design principle is determined), so its energy consumption is bound to be very high.

3. The appearance efficiency of the slide machine is higher (flow rate: plus or minus 5%), while the delivery efficiency of the screw machine is low (flow: plus or minus 20%); And sliding vane machine with longer duration of use, its internal running and more tend to be more perfect, and the use of screw machine over time will produce efficiency loss in operation after a period of time, therefore, both in the same air output machine power consumption will fall under the premise of screw machine; Therefore, the energy consumption of the slide machine is lower.

4. In terms of maintenance, the slide machine requires little maintenance, and the service life is very long. Therefore, in the limited service life (for example, 10 years), the maintenance cost is not much. And the spare parts of the screw machine are more, the lubricating oil is also special, and every few years needs a major overhaul, so maintenance is very expensive.

Disadvantages: the purchase cost of the slide machine is relatively high, and the current large flow model has not realized the localization of the country. It is not widely used in China, and the cognition of it is limited.