The Construction Of Paper Edge Protector Machine

- Apr 21, 2020-

Paper edge protector machine refers to a machine specializing in the production of paper edge protector. It is generally composed by paper stand, gluing system, forming system, cutting system, automatic stacking system, other devices and some accessories. 


It can complete the whole processes of paper edge protector manufacturing. The paper stand is composed by several sets of rollers. The paper will be glued and shaped when the molding part goes through several sets of V-shaped rollers which cooperating with each other to press the glued paper strips into a right angle. The cutting device is composed by a cylinder and a pair of V-shaped dies. The length of the paper edge protectors can be modified by the user, and the cutting action is totally safe and reliable. Meanwhile, in order to make it produce U shaped paper protectors, we only need to replace the V-shaped roller with a U-shaped roller. And these rollers are commonly known as "paper trough steel".

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