The Difference Between Paper Distributor And Paper Cutter

- Feb 05, 2018-

Distribution of paper machine is a kind of paper of equipment for the distribution has a variety of purposes, such as described in the paper can be used as a wet paper towels, towels, toilet paper, paper, etc., the equipment including electronic perforation equipment and is used for single spraying water or water containing additive such as soap to according to the need to control the distribution of paper on the device.

According to this is used for wet toilet paper, paper towel or dry towel to assign a different number of spray, different degree or not spraying the paper so that all of the paper can be used, the paper was folded, is perpendicular to the direction the crease of the length of the sheet, in the top, folded paper sheet run between two paper roll.

Instead of, the paper distribution machine main effect lies in the paper, and paper cutting machine is of paper cutting, paper cutting machine is wide roll slitting and rewinding paper into varying widths, coil diameter size of paper processing equipment. It is widely used in the paper processing industry or the pre-printed mechanical equipment.

Frame around the panel and stays and feeding machine. The transmission system is mainly used for drawing materials, winding, it is by the frequency conversion stepless speed regulating motor power through motor traction roller operation of V belt, the main rubber roller and the driven traction roller is clingy and synchronous operation traction walking raw material, through active traction roller driven circular knife axis synchronous operation and achieve better cutting requirements, through the circular knife axis winding and winding B synchronization operation, so as to achieve the purpose of receiving.