The Non - Woven Cloth Cutting Machine In The Use Of Special Attention To Which Aspects

- Feb 05, 2018-

Nowadays, non-woven fabric application is more and more widely, with the life of people informed relevant, non-woven fabric as environmental protection, breathable, moisture, light, cheap new materials by the favour of people, so the non-woven fabric cutting machine also has been widely used.

Non-woven fabric cutting machine is a kind of wide non-woven fabric, paper, mica tape or film materials, machinery and equipment, cutting into multiple narrow commonly used in paper making machinery, wire and cable mica tape and printing and packaging machinery; It is mainly used in non-woven fabric, mica tape, paper, insulation materials and film cutting, especially suitable for the cutting of narrow band (non-woven fabric, insulating material, mica belt, film, etc.).

Different from the paper cutting machine, the non-woven cloth cutter should pay special attention to the safety of operators and the late maintenance of mechanical equipment.

1. Use three-phase four-wire system (AC380V) and secure grounding to ensure the safety of operators.

2. Before turning on the power switch of the non-woven machine, the main engine speed should be adjusted to the minimum speed.

3. Be sure to be safe when installing blades for non-woven cloth cutting machines, so as not to scratch the blade.

4. Regular oil maintenance should be carried out on the place where the machine needs refueling.

5. The non-woven fabric cutting machine should be installed in dry, ventilated, light and convenient operation.

6. The abnormal situation of the machine or the cutting effect is not good. The operator should stop the machine in time and ask the professional maintenance personnel for maintenance.