The Use And Disposal Of Honeycomb Mechanical Paper Edge And Scrap Material

- Feb 05, 2018-

Printing paper is generally used by the press in the printing plant, its dosage is generally larger, the variety is often more. Cellular machinery in the process of printing books and periodicals, will inevitably encounter with broken or damaged paper, also will have poor quality cannot be adapted to the printing requirement of paper, cut and cover, insert materials is the leftover material, etc. It can save paper for enterprises and reduce the cost of printed matter.

Health, etc. Use and processing.

Fall use refers to will be effected according to the product quality standard can meet the requirements of the offset printing paper used in letterpress printing, or should be used for rapid rotary printing paper for other paper not demanding way of printing, etc.

The processing use refers to the rewinding quality is too poor, has been damaged or is subjected to other damaged roll paper and the flat sheet paper, carries on the proper processing to be used in the printing.


Some pieces of paper can not be used for printing after processing, and honeycomb machinery can be sold after cutting and finishing. Such as paper rolls for breach and pick the pile under the question paper, sheet for broken or cut half wet by water, as well as a breach, passbook, hole, dirty points such as serious illness of paper paper, etc., can be cut into small 8 or 16 open paper cutting, the processed sold stationery shops etc.


Honeycomb mechanical roll paper wrapper, printed waste paper and so on to be classified collection, delivery to the waste collection department. The paper should be provided to the paper mill, so that the paper can be remade after breaking the pulp. Cutting cover, inserts, etc., can also be used to make CARDS and small boxes. The wooden plywood and the drum core of the paperboard are to be recycled by the paper supply department in addition to the broken pieces.