What Is The Utility Of Cellular Machinery To Cellular Packaging?

- Feb 05, 2018-

1.  pallet, honeycomb board pallet is compared with wooden pallet, the weight is light, also have the high strength, can make ordinary flat tray and single side pallet, still can make the column type pallet structure.

2. Cushion liner, honeycomb sandwich structure of honeycomb paperboard makes its cushioning performance better than corrugated board, which can be protected by comprehensive buffer or local buffer. Paper plate

3. Packing cases, like corrugated cardboard boxes, honeycomb machinery can be processed into cartons, but generally can only be used to make cartons with thinner honeycomb cardboard.

4. gusset, accessories such as edges, like a cushion, the honeycomb cardboard gusset and can be used as a transport packaging to protect the edges, it particularly suitable for assembly packaging, protection, reduce the collision and friction, reduce the damage.

The material is light and important, and can be customized according to the size and specification of the article, which is mainly used for the replacement of wooden cases for transportation.

Compared with the wooden box performance, the cushioning performance is 2~8 times and the weight is 55%~75%. The combination of fast, time-saving labor, exquisite craft, good sealing performance, and can save a lot of wood resources, is an internationally recognized promotion of the new environmental packaging products.

Honeycomb carton series products not only have the characteristics of resistance to extrusion, buffering, strong shockproof, etc., they have good protection performance for the objects in the box, and can be treated with special treatment to achieve waterproof and moisture-proof effect. It can be used in packaging industry, stone industry, home electric industry, furniture industry, electronic communication, electromechanical machinery, clothing and other industries. Is the future international packaging material application development trend.

Honeycomb cardboard box is made of honeycomb machine press, cut and paste, and the cardboard joint is used to reinforce the paper corner. It can be designed according to the actual requirements, such as integral type, modular (detachable), integrated base type, etc., which is more conducive to handling and handling.

Above is the utility of cellular machinery in honeycomb packaging.