Paper Corner Protector Machine

This paper corner protector machine with Max. speed of 60m/min. It is apply to produce V shaped paper corner protector. This paper corner protector machine has 12 groups of pressing wheels. It will be your ideal choice on paper corner protector production.
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Product Details

High Efficiency Paper Corner Protector Machine with CE


Product Description

1.jpg             collecting system_副本.jpg


Technical Specification




PLC control

Automatic feeding, stacking system

Pneumatic pressure system

Glue temperature control device

Product Feature and Application

3.pngPaper corner protector are the right solution to prevent your products from damage during storage and transportation. Paper corner protector can apply to packing of household appliances, alcohol, drinks, seafood industry, textile, bulk carpet, glass, plywood and so on.

Our company

As the leading producer and supplier for paper edge protector machines in China and in the world, since 2001, we have supplied about 120 sets to Chinese market and about 50 sets to international market of Chile, Indonesia, Poland, Italy, Argentina, Slovakia, Czech, Egypt, Mexico, Hungary, Croatia, COTE D'IVOIRE, Kenya, USA, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippine, Macedonia, Colombia, Turkey, South Africa, South Korea, UAE, India, etc.