Paper Angle Board Machine

Paper Angle Board Machine

Angle board can be used in Steel Plants, Paper Industry, Refractories, Home Appliances, Liquor & Beverages, Seafood Industry, Textiles, Bulk rugs, Glass, Plywood, etc.
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Product Details

Paper angle board machine, it can produce L profile protector. Paper edge protector is the right solution to prevent your products from damage during handling, storage and transportation. Product manufacturers and packaging experts worldwide have adopted edge board as an innovative solution to save products from damage.


上纸架_副本     paper stand

       gluing part


    forming part

      cutting system


     stacking system

Size 25-100mm
Max. production Speed50m/min
Max. quantity of layer
13 layer including 1layer surface paper
Applicable surface paper175-250g kraft paper
Applicable inner paper360-600g bobbin fiber paper
Air supply≥0.1m3, ≥0.6MPa
Operator1 person

Main Features

1) Composite paper stands, hoist can be added

2) Double surface gluing system. Quantify the glue automatically

3) Produce different profile protectors through changing molds

4) Pneumatic press system, easy to change molds

5) Touch screen and human-machine interface of servo system, the operation is more humanized, the operation of adjust air cylinder is more convenient

6) Automatic alarm, malfunction prompt, easy to adjust and maintain

7) Hydraulic cutting system, double heads. Maximum frequency is 80 times/min.

Packing & Delivery

Packaging Details: Film+ honeycomb board packing

Delivery Detail: Shipped in 30 days after payment