Honeycomb Core Paper Machine

Honeycomb Core Paper Machine

Honeycomb Cardboard Making Machine Product Description This honeycomb making machine is for honeycomb paper core production. And t his honeycomb making machine is automatic from raw material roll to the honeycomb paper core . Technology Product Features: 1. Fully automatic, and the whole...
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Product Details

Honeycomb Cardboard Making Machine


Product Description

This honeycomb making machine is for honeycomb paper core production. And this honeycomb making machine is automatic from raw material roll to the honeycomb paper core.









Continuous type


White latex, starch glue

Grammage of core paper


Paper roll quantity

6 or 8

Cutting speed

400 cuts/min

Applicable cell size


Production output (for 30mm thickness and 140gsm)910kg/hour

Heating type

Steam heating, hot air circulation


About 60kw




Product Features:

1. Fully automatic, and the whole production line needs only 2-3 operators.

2. Two sets of gluing device to make two different kinds of holes for the honeycomb cardboard.

3. Human-machine interface, PLC control, and high auto to increase the efficiency.

4. Fine technic and easy operation


The machine:



The product:

Honeycomb paper is made according to the principle of honeycomb structure in nature. It is a method of bonding corrugated paper into a myriad of hollow three-dimensional regular hexagons to form a whole force-bearing piece, which is bonded on both sides. A new type of sandwich structure environmentally friendly energy-saving material made of paper.

Agricultural application

Single-layer panel and honeycomb paperboard with large honeycomb aperture can be used as agricultural seedling tanks. Using this seedling trough to raise seedlings indoors can not only solve the shortage of light, heat and water resources in agricultural production, but also prevent seedlings from avoiding pests and diseases during the growing season, and can be degraded during transplantation, unlike environmental pollution caused by plastic bags. 

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Packaging & Shipping

♥ Packaging Details: Film+ honeycomb board packing.


♥ Delivery Detail: Shipped in 90 days after payment.




The workshop:






Q1: What’s your warranty policy?

A1: For the machine,we offer one year warranty.If any quality problems occurred under normal condition during this period ,we will take on the costs of maintenance and replacement and other related cost.


Q2: How to find the matching accessories or wearing parts of the machine?

A2: We offer free replacement for wearing parts during the warranty period. Clients can also get the parts from us with favorable price if it is out of the warranty.


Q3: Do you have technical instruction if I buy your product?

A3: Please read the user manual carefully for your reference, we have detail instruction on it. If your problems still can not be solved, welcome to contact us for help.


Q4: What is your overseas service?

A4: We will provide high quality overseas service ,our technical staff will be able to provide you with technical support for you personally to overseas assembly and test equipment.


Q5: How to get raw material or auxiliary material for the machine?

A5: Our company has over 10 years experience in this industry, we have accumulated various contact information of upstream & downstream firms in fields of raw material,auxiliary material and package for the products. We believe that our professional team can always offer you the best solutions.

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