Paper Honeycomb Core Machine

Paper Honeycomb Core Machine

New CE Fully Automatic PLC control Honeycomb Paper Core Making i s to make endless honeycomb paper core, this Honeycomb Paper Core Making Machine just needs two operators. Honeycomb Paper Core Making Machine SCHC is a fully automatic honeycomb production line to produce honeycomb paper core...
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New CE Fully Automatic PLC control Honeycomb Paper Core Making is to make endless honeycomb paper core, this Honeycomb Paper Core Making Machine just needs two operators. 

Honeycomb Paper Core Making Machine SCHC is a fully automatic honeycomb production line to produce honeycomb paper core continuously. No need for paper cutter and honeycomb paper connecting machine. Production flow is paper rolls feeding-gluing—laminating and drying-cutting—stacking.




Continuous type


White latex, starch glue

Grammage of core paper

90-140 gsm

Paper roll quantity

6 or 8

Cutting speed

400 cuts/min

Applicable cell size


Production output

(for 30mm thickness and 140gsm paper)


Heating type

Steam heating, hot air circulation


About 60kw




New CE Fully Automatic Honeycomb Paper Core Making Machine



1. Two sets of gluing devices to make two different kinds of cells for the honeycomb paper board.

2. Human-machine interface, PLC control, and high auto to increase the efficiency.

3. Fine technic and easy operation




The machine:



Main material: corrugated paper, kraft paper

The machine is controlled by PLC, it can walk synchronously, and the running speed can be adjusted independently for each section.


Each tooth roller can be transverse adjusted to adjust the cell shape of honeycomb 

Gluing bucket adopts pneumatic lifting


 Pneumatic brake, 8 paper rolls can work simultaneously 


The product:




The workshop:




(1) The material consumption is small, the specific strength and specific rigidity are high, and the weight is light.

According to scientific research, the geometry of the honeycomb forms an overall structure like an arch bridge, which increases the compressive strength of the surface by a factor of 100. Honeycomb paperboard uses a honeycomb structure and is therefore also consumed with the least amount of material for maximum volume and maximum strength and stiffness.

(2) Excellent buffer isolation function

Honeycomb paperboard is a core structure with excellent cushioning and vibration isolation, close to EPS.

(3) Good heat insulation and sound insulation

The honeycomb core of the honeycomb core is a closed structure in which it is filled with air and does not flow through each other. Therefore, it has good heat insulation and sound insulation properties.