Honeycomb Paper Core Machine

Honeycomb Paper Core Machine

High speed Automatic honeycomb cardboard production line 1.Description 1.) main material: corrugated paper, kraft liner board, tea paperboard and so on. 2.) adhesive: white latex, starch glue. 3.) from paper goes in to cardboard goes out, it is all completed in a fully automated production line....
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High speed Automatic honeycomb cardboard production line


1.) main material: corrugated paper, kraft liner board, tea paperboard and so on.
2.) adhesive: white latex, starch glue.
3.) from paper goes in to cardboard goes out, it is all completed in a fully automated production line. Only 2 to 3 operators needed, high paper utilization, advanced technology.
4.) this device is equipped with two sets of glue roller that can produce two different honeycomb pore size cardboard use two cladding.
5.) use man-machine interface, PLC control, high degree of automation. Greatly improve production efficiency.
6.) this device is exquisite, operation and maintenance simple.

4六次涂胶_副本 - 副本


2. Main technical parameters

Core paper(width*roll diameter)=(1600mm*Φ1200mm)
Core paper weight:110g/m2-140g/m2
Cover paper(width*roll diameter)=(1300mm*Φ1200mm)
Cover paper weight: 180g/m2-400g/m2

 paper core thickness: 10-60mm
finished panel thickness: 10-60mm
 finished panel length: 500-3000mm
 production speed: 0-15m/min
 heating: electric heating, hot air circulation
 equipment installed power: about 170KW
equipment total length: 102 meters



4.Application of honeycomb composite material

1.)Application in the manufactre of furniture

2.)Application in product packaging                 
b.paper pallet


By changing the thickness or the grammage of the core paper, or changing the cell or the height of the honeycomb core, the honeycomb paperboard can obtain different strength and rigidity.

Sound absorption and heat insulation. The interior of the honeycomb sandwich structure is a closed chamber filled with air, so it has good sound insulation performance.



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